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  • Adventure seekers


    Collect adventurer's badges from monsters and receive a special buff for your faction!

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  • Day of the Serpent


    The ancient god of sorcery and deception has sent his servants to infest the continent again.

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  • Crystal Rush!


    Loot tarnished shards from any mob, whose level is not higher or lower by 5 than yours, during the event and combine them to get reward.

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  • Birthday adventures!


    Famous explorers from both factions return to the capitals to celebrate Sphere 3 birthday. They will reward you with fantastic gifts!

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  • Tamers!


    The master tamers invite everyone to learn the art of animal taming and get a loyal beast.

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  • Key in the Stone


    There are mysterious keys scattered all over the world and hidden inside magic stones. Collect them to get some special rewards!

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  • Ancient History


    It’s time to delve into the ancient history times. During the event you can get special elixirs to improve your character, new titles or unique ancient rings with unusual properties.

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  • Upgrading the quality of your equipment


    Now champions of the Sphere can upgrade the quality of their gear!

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  • Gladiator games!


    Sentinel Hill arena opens its gates for champions and pretenders. Follow the quests, fight with the best warriors and get a unique eternal helmet!

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  • Enjoy the Snowy Fairytale!


    Christmas came to the Sphere 3. Take part in the festive events, meet new characters, complete special festive missions and don’t forget to play snowball fight!

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