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  • Knowledge Time!


    Day of Knowledge is coming, and is there better time to make pleasant discoveries in the world of Sphere?

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  • The key in the Stone


    A new event begins in Sphere 3!

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  • Birthday adventures!


    Famous explorers from both factions return to the capitals to celebrate Sphere 3 birthday. They will reward you with fantastic gifts!

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  • Golden fever


    It's time to hit the road for real riches! Collect golden ore and get rewards!

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  • The new battle season has started!


    Come one, come all! The bravest, wisest and noblest champions of the Sphere are invited to participate in the new battle season!

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  • Bright Flame Holiday!


    No matter what weather looks like this summer, the world of Sphere remains smoking hot. Welcome to Bright Flame Holiday!

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  • Craftsman's Day!


    We invite you to take part in the "Craftsman's Day" event!

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  • Dragonslayers!


    The terrifying golden dragon Lord of Heaven threatens the whole world! Are you ready to challenge his power?

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  • Furious Arena is here!


    We invite the most desperate and powerful fighters to take part in the harshest of battles - Furious Arena! The first season starts right now!

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  • Power of The Forgotten


    Immortal fairies have left their sanctuary and are waiting for heroes ready to prevent the return of the Forgotten.

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