Upgrading equipment

You can upgrade your weapons armor and equipment. Every type of equipment has their own upgrade scrolls. You can upgrade the equipment from level 5.

You can upgrade your equipment up to +20. Up to +3 the upgrade has 100% chance of success. Up to +4 the upgrade is «safe», so you don’t lose levels or item in case of failure. The chance will lower with every next upgrade level, so don’t forget — the higher is the upgrade level — the lower is your chance for successful upgrade. Safe enhancement is when you keep your upgrade level in case of failure. For example you have the item upgraded to +4, and if you next upgrade fails, your item upgrade level will be decreased to +3. But in case of unsuccessful attempt to upgrade item from +3 to +4 — you won’t lose an upgrade level and your item will stay at +3.

To upgrade the item go to the special NPC in the city.

Talk to the master, and you’ll see the upgrade window with four slots.

1. Protection crystal slot — Prevents the item, from breaking in case of upgrade failure. (Not necessary)
2. Reinforcement crystal slot — Increases the chance of successful upgrade (Not necessary)
3. Item slot
4. Upgrade scroll slot

To upgrade an item — put the item in the 3rd slot, and upgrade slot to the 4th. Have in mind that there is a fee for every upgrade attempt.

After you inserted all the components press the «Upgrade» button. There will be a message in the system chat notifying you about the success or failure of the upgrade.

Upgrading your equipment will increase its basic stats.

Damage — for weapons

Physical and magical defense — for armor and jewelry

Upgrade scrolls can be looted from monsters from all over the world.

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