«Only death can stop the warrior.» Shota Rustaveli

Professional skills allow warrior to unsinew the enemy and finish him with one crucial blow. Representatives of this class prefer heavy almost impenetrable plates, bus this armor straitens their movement and makes them more vulnerable to magical attacks.

Unique mechanics

Armed with huge two-handed swords warriors are notable for considerable physical strength and meeting the enemy on the length of the blade, they’re able to inflict considerable damage.

Class strengths

  • High rate of the physical attack
  • High health rate and strong defense
  • Many skills allowing to weaken the enemy

Class weaknesses

  • Low resistance to magical attacks
  • Using of skills require rage control
  • No defensive skills

Unique abilities

Guillotine — Warrior delivers a horrible strike that can kill a weakened enemy. The less health has the enemy the stronger is the damage.

Disarm — Warrior temporarily disarms the targets preventing them from performing any physical attacks.

Bloodletting — Warrior cut the enemy deeply making him to bleed. This skill deals periodical damage and weakens the enemy, reducing his attack power for a short period of time.