«Maybe, to do what you and I do, we have to have a little bit of the monster in us.» Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Not relying on the physical strength, assassins placed their bet on agility and secrecy and came up trumps. — Di it from behind is not fair? Leave the gentlemanhood to paladins! Ultimate valor of the assassin is to sneak up on the victim, strike and vanish and disappear before the body hits the ground. Representative of this class prefer leather armor not encumbering movements, and the variety of poisons on their blades can make Medici green with envy.

Unique mechanics

Marks: striking the target with poisoned blade assassin applies marks that have unique effects when activated

Class strengths

  • High damage in a short period of time
  • Invisibility and poisons allowing to steal up any enemy

Class weaknesses

  • Low health and defense rate
  • Not many defensive skills

Unique abilities

Paralyzing poison — Assassin applies paralyzing venom to his weapon. Attacking the targets assassin put marks on them that stun the target after activation. The duration of stun depends on the number of the marks. Applying the venom doesn’t remove invisibility.

Invisibility — Assassin covers themselves with shadows becoming invisible. His movement speed in this state decreases significantly.

Insidious strike — Assassin dealing significant damage while striking target at the side or at the back, (the closer to the back is the hit, the higher is the damage). If the dagger is poisoned the strike applies poison marks.