Olannor battlefields

In addition to PvP battles in the open world, Sphere 3 players can always enter a battlefield. This is a team challenge where you have to fight other players for valuable resources.

You can sign up for the challenge by clicking on the shield-shaped button with crossed swords on the right side of the screen.

A challenge arena window will open. Select Olannor Battlefields. Wait until both teams have enough members and accept the invitation to battle.

Each team appears at their own base. When the countdown ends, the base defenses blocking the exit will disappear, allowing you to join the battle.

The goal of each team is to capture and hold special points (flags). To capture a flag, approach it and click it with your cursor. A five-second casting animation will start, and if it is not interrupted, the flag will begin to bring your team points every few seconds.

Of course, your opponents will not allow you to rest on your laurels. They will actively try to prevent flag capture and fiercely defend them, but don't worry - even if you are unlucky and your character falls a heroic death on the battlefield, you will not lose any items or experience.

The team that scored the required number of points first wins. The winners will be rewarded with:

  • experience;
  • glory points;
  • «Rewards of courage» — a chest that contains upgrage and enchantment scrolls, gemstones and gold coins.

The losers won't go home empty-handed, either - they will receive a "Package from the battlefield" containing a certain amount of gold coins.

You won't be able to use your own mounts in the Battlefields. To move faster, purchase a special shieldback from your team's Quartermaster for 1000 gold coins. The new pet will stay with you for 24 hours, but bear in mind that it cannot be summoned in other locations.

«Olannor battlefields» are available to all Sphere adventurers starting at level 11. The number of such battles per day is unlimited.

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