«I live, I love, I slay, and I am content...» Conan the barbarian

Way of the barbarian — is a way of steel a blood. These tough fighters scorn magic and from the tender nail get used to rely solely on their own strength and endurance. Barbarians prefer to meet their enemy face to face, and their outstanding strength allows them to operate with two two-handed axes with ease.

Unique mechanics

Their main energy resource is rage: the higher is your rage level the higher id the damage of your basic skills and the chance to make a critical hit. Barbarians could be perfect fighters if they wouldn’t forget about the defense in the heat of the battle...

Class strengths

  • Strong physical attack
  • The highest chance of critical hit among all the heavily-armored classes
  • Biggest amount of HP
  • Defensive abilities allowing to survive in the heat of the battle

Class weaknesses

  • Most of the skills require certain level of rage
  • Weak against the controlling skills

Unique abilities

Battle trance — Provides the barbarian with the immortality for the certain period of time. While the effect lasts your character can not be killed though he/she can take the damage. Even the most powerful enemy skills can’t decrease your health to less than 1 point but be sure to refill it fast after the effect ends or you can be taken with bare hands.

Battle fury — The closer is death — the more desperate fights the barbarian. Use this skill and your strength will grow with every health point lost.