From all the races on the continent humans are always fastest to adapt to any change and begin to rebuild the world to themselves, cutting down ancient forests plowing plains and lay ore mines in the mountains. Such barbaric attitude to the world made them enemies with the aboriginal owners of these lands — dark elves.

All the efforts to make a peace accord came in vain: the elves were not willing to accept the human presence, and people were not going to give away conquered territories. The two nations began a war that lasted nearly three hundred years, and eventually culminated in the defeat of the Elven armies at the Brimstone Heart Volcano. The human army, led by Brand the Invincible, dealt a crushing blow to the elite forces of the elves, led by Alorian Amakiir who had never suffered a defeat.

Thus began the Human era, but the elves don’t put up with the defeat and the loss of territories and eager to regain their former dominance.

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