«Old Indians say that trap is waiting for those who walk twice on the same path.» The Deerslayer

Representatives of this class are highly effective in range fight but melee combat disagrees with them, — that’s why in their collection there are a lot of tricks and skills allowing to slow down or stun the enemy, and hid loyal eight-legged pet is always ready for melee fight allowing hi master to enlarge the distance.

Unique mechanics

Masters of kite and control — Rangers are able to inflict both physical and magical damage.

Class strengths

  • Only class that deals physical damage in ranged combat
  • Has traps and magic arrows allowing to neutralize the enemy
  • Largest attack distance
  • Loyal pet that taunts enemies

Class weaknesses

  • Not prepared for melee combat
  • Health and defense rate is not very high

Unique abilities

Shot in the Throat — Effective against casters. One shot prevents enemy from casting for some time.

Bomb — One of the traps used by rangers. Exploding this bomb not only deals damage to the enemy but also throws it back. Have in mind that planted bomb has its duration time and if there is no one in the hit radius, it will disappear without dealing any damage.

Summon spider — Faithful eight-legged companion is always ready to help its master