Account security

Dear players!

Sometimes in the game worlds you can meet dishonest players who seek to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Most of them — are the hackers that are looking for the ways to take over your account and steal or destroy all your gaming property. In this article you will learn how to protect your account against hacking.

First of all, remember the simple safety rules:

  • Do not tell anyone login a password from your account
  • Do not click through suspicious links sent by other players, even if they promise reward
  • Do not post your login at the forums and do not mention it as an email for connection
  • Do not register on the other resources especially gaming ones with the same email
  • Be sure to create complex passwords, containing numbers and letters and upper and lower case letters
  • Install the anti-virus and a firewall on your PC and update it regularly
  • Remember that there are no programs for free Gt or in-game currency generation, and all such offers are just hackers’ tricks

To those players who values all that have been acquired by years spent in the game universes, we offer different options to improve account security.