Castle siege

You have reached level cap and looking for what to do? Feel the urge to take part in something epic? Call your clan mates to arms and try castle siege!

Where to go?

High level castles are situated in the Free-PvP zones — each is on their own here, and killing of other players isn’t punished with a penalty. Low level castles are built in neutral PvP-zones — here you can attack only the members of the opposite fractions and killing members of yours can result in karma penalty.

How to capture?

After making a raid from the clan mates, leader of the siege group can activate the special scroll; after that the castle near the group is regarded as sieged and you can use the trees nearby for building siege weapons. There are few types of the siege weapons: catapults, siege towers, ram and so on, but keep in mind that wood is limited so if you build too many catapults you may don’t have enough material to build a ram to break through the gates. Except of the siege weapons besiegers can also build headquarters near the castle where their clan mates will resurrect after dying during the siege. Do not forget to protect your headquarters. Defenders can destroy it and then your soldiers will have to run to the siege from the nearest resurrection point.

How does the castle siege go? You have to:

  • Build the headquarters and siege weapons
  • Destroy watchtowers
  • Break the gates (the easiest way to do it is to build a ram, and don’t forget the more people you assign to it — the faster the gates will fall)
  • Defeat the defenders (kill NPC guardians and no less than 30% of players defending the castle)
  • Capture all the flag points (The higher is the level of the castle — the more flags you’ll have to capture) —to capture the flag attackers should stay near it for some time (the more people you could gather there — the faster will it be captured).

All actions mentioned here are not obligatory, but can be useful for novice players. I you’re already a skilled commander and a brave warrior, you can work out a winning strategy by yourself.

Each castle’s siege takes certain time.

Castle Level Location Timing
Almaert 15 Human lands 45 min
Bansolas 15 Demonic lands 45 min
Griffinbik 30 Demonic lands 1 h
Rifuar 30 Земли демонов 1 h
Osgar 40 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Acenzan 40 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Mirielle 40 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Rewine 40 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Fiabras 40 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Arkanor 45 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
In’Kaliat 50 Contested territory 1 h 15 min
Shiai Toc 60 Contested territory 1 h 15 min

When all the flags are raised by the members of the same clan or when the siege timer expires, — there will be a 5 min period to start castle protection. During that period leader of the controlling clan should move the protection elixir to the shining sphere on the castle tab of the clan window. Otherwise the castle will became neutral and will be protected automatically for 24h. There are 3 types of protection elixirs — for 1 or 2 days can be bought for gold and for 3 days — for Gt only.

If the castle is «protected» — no one can attack it. To see if the castle is protected, look for the red glow on the castle gates.

Осадные машины

Why to siege?

The best in-game equipment you can get only when your clan controls a castle, but have in mind that if you lose the castle due to losing the siege, your clan will lose all the castle bonuses, and that means that part of the stats on your equipment will be lost too.

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