Castle siege

Nothing to do after reaching the maximum level? Is the soul asking for scope and epicness? Gather comrades from the clan and try yourself in capturing castles!

Where to go?

The castles of the highest levels are located in free PvP zones — here everyone is for himself, and killing other players is not punishable by penalties. Simpler castles are located in neutral PvP locations - here you can only attack members of the opposite faction, and you can earn a karma penalty for killing other players.

How to capture?

The siege of each castle begins at a certain time. This time can be set by the clan leader who owns this castle, or his officer. For the most effective strategy, it is recommended to use siege weapons.

There are several types of siege weapons: catapults, siege towers, ram, etc., but keep in mind that the amount of resources is limited and by setting up a lot of catapults, you can be left without a ram. The construction takes place by activating special scrolls that are sold from a special NPC. After activation, you will have to drag and drop special resources for construction, which will be located right there. Scrolls for construction can be used by any member of the clan.

In addition to the guns, the besiegers are also building a headquarters building near the castle (your players who died during the capture will be revived here). Do not forget to take care of the headquarters security. The defenders are quite capable of destroying it, and then your fighters will have to get to the castle from the nearest revival point.

How the process of capturing the castle takes place. You have to:

  • Set up headquarters, build siege weapons
  • Destroy the watchtowers
  • Break the gate (the easiest way to do this is using a battering ram, and the more people you can put on it, the faster the enemy fortifications will fall)
  • Deal with the defenders of the castle (kill the guard NPCs and at least 30% of the characters defending the castle)
  • Capture all points with flags (the higher the level of the castle, the more such points) — to capture several besiegers must be constantly at the point (the more people gather there, the faster the capture will take place).

All of these actions are optional, but are the most effective for beginners. If you are a capable commander and a brave warrior, then you can independently develop a strategy that will lead you to victory.

Missed the siege? It doesn't matter — you can always go to the [lock statistics page] (/top_castles.php ) and get acquainted with the course of previous battles.

The siege of each castle lasts a certain time.

Lock Level Location Duration
Almaert 60 People's Land 45 minutes
Bansolas 60 Demon Lands 45 minutes
Griffinbik 70 Lands of people 1 hour
Rifuar 70 Land of Demons 1 hour
Osgar 80 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Eysenzan 80 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Miriel 80 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Revain 80 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Fiabras 80 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Arkanor 85 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
In'kaliat 90 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes
Shiai Tok 100 Disputed territories 1 hour 15 minutes

As soon as all the flags are raised by one clan, or the siege time is over, a five—minute countdown begins to fill the castle. During this time, the clan leader must drag the fill elixir to the sparkling sphere in the castle tab of the clan window. Otherwise, the lock will become neutral and will be flooded automatically for a day. There are several types of pouring elixirs: for 1 and 2 days (for gold) and for 3 days (for GXP)

"Fill" is the protected state of the lock. A time when the castle cannot be attacked. You can determine it by the red effect on the gate.

Siege Engines

Why is it necessary?

  • The ability to get powerful sharpened weapons, armor, jewelry and consumables from the castle chest. Items of equipment begin to appear in the chest a day after the capture of the castle, and only the clan leader can pick them up.
  • The ability to use the castle teleport. It doesn't work during the siege.
  • The ability to receive a temporary buff from the castle magician. If the clan holds the castle for several days in a row, then the buffs received become stronger. The effect of the buff disappears during the siege.
  • The ability to use a castle mount.
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