Item upgrade transfer

If your old upgraded equipment doesn’t suit your level anymore, don’t throw it away - you still can use it to upgrade your new equipment.

Every Upgrade master has Item upgrade transfer function.

You will need the following items for transfer:

Original item. It is the item you want to transfer the upgrade from. Some of this item’s upgrade levels will be transferred to the target item. WARNING: the item will be destroyed after the transfer.

Upgraded item. Target item that accepts the upgrade adn will receive some upgrade levels from the initial item. The transferred levels will REPLACE the current upgrade level of the target item.

Here are the transfer requirements:

  • The target item should be non’-locked, non-castle item.
  • The target item should go into the same equipment slot as the initial item.
  • The target item should belong to the same armor class (light, medium, heavy) as the initial item (works for armor only).
  • The target item should be same level or higher than the initial item.
  • The resulting upgrade level needs to be higher than it waas initially.
  • The resulting upgrade level needs to be higher than 3.
  • You can’t transfer upgrade from|to the item which belongs to another character.

Transfer crystals. The items can be used to transfer an upgrade. To do so, you will need an amount of power transfer crystals equal to the initial item’s level.

If the original item and the upgraded items are placed into transfer window you will see the resulting upgrade level that you can get by transfer.

Transfer results may be influenced by the levels of original and resulting items and the original item’s upgrade level.

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