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  • Exaltation


    It’s time to dust-off the ancient scrolls and fight the otherworldy monsters once more!

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  • Plague Days!


    The Sphere is plagued by an unknown disease. During the event you will be able to visit the healers guild in you capital and help them combat the new sickness.

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  • The battle season has started!


    Come one, come all! The bravest, wisest and noblest champions of the Sphere are invited to participate in the first battle season!

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  • Tamers!


    The master tamers invite everyone to learn the art of animal taming and get a loyal beast.

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  • Spring adventures in Sphere 3


    Join the spring event and get rewards every day!

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  • Discover the true power! The runic circle is already in the game!


    We’re happy to announce several major changes that will affect on both the newbies’ and the veterans’ gameplay.

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  • Enjoy the Snowy Fairytale!


    Christmas came to the Sphere 3. Take part in the festive events, meet new characters, complete special festive missions and don’t forget to play snowball fight!

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  • Falling leaves Festival!


    A traditional autumn festival starts in the world of Sphere! Collect golden leaf fragments from monsters and get amazing rewards!

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  • Attack of the Ghosts


    Halloween is coming and it means that all kinds of scum is already leaving tombs and lairs. World of Sphere 3 is under attack of ghosts. Welcome to the Halloween event at Sphere 3!

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  • Oktoberfest!


    Oktoberfest is coming to brighten your dull autumn weekdays! Take part in the Drinks festival in Sphere 3 and receive valuable rewards along with unforgettable impressions!

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