Moving around the world

World of the Sphere 3 is pretty big. Moving through it by foot is not always easy and sometimes is really long.

There are two ways of fast transportation.

1. Teleports.

Teleportation points are placed in almost every corner of the world. On the world map they look like small doors and in the game — as a pillar of light at the stone platform. To use the teleport you need to activate it first. To do that come closer and click on it once.

Activated teleports will be marked green on the mini-map.

If you see the teleport with red pillar of light that means it wasn’t activated yet. Interact with it (F button) and the light will turn blue.

2. Mounts.

First time you receive the mount that can carry you on the long distances is after you complete one of the starting quests. Unfortunately this mount will serve you for 24 hours of real time only.

Another way to get a mount is to enter the game 30 days in a row.

As a reward for the 30th day you’ll get special whistle that will summon your mount. New mount will serve you also for 24 hours of real time.

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