While you leveling your character you can also upgrade his/her skills. To do that, you have to assign skill reinforcement points. Every 2 levels your character will get 1 skill reinforcement point (2 points after level 40). The skills as they are have no levels, their power depends on the character’s level and assigned reinforcement points.

Every skill has three types of reinforcement increasing one of the skill’s parameters. Have in mind that you can assign no more than 6 reinforcement points to one skill, so no one-shot.

Sorcerer’s skill — «Fire arrow» — is a fireball with cast speed — 1 sec. that increases 100% of sorcerer’s magic attack to the target at up to 30 meters distance.

This skill has following parameters: Casting time (1 second), maximum distance to the target (30 meters) and damage dealt (100% of magic attack). So, assigned reinforcement points will increase (or in case of speed cast — reduce) one of these parameters.

As you see on the picture to any parameter you can assign no more than 1 reinforcement point.

There are following types of reinforcement for your skills:

Types of reinforcement:


Example: Reduces casting time for fire arrow skill by 0.2 seconds

Effect reinforcement

Effect reinforcement
(!) Effect reinforcement can work differently for different skills, for example for the teleportation — it adds one more charge, so the caster can teleport twice
Example: Increases the damage of fire arrow skill by 10%

Distance increase

Distance increase
Example: Increasing the range of Fire arrow skill by 2.5 m.

Cooldown reduce

Cooldown reduce
Example: Reducing cooldown time for Fire Circle skill by 2 seconds

Cost reduce

Cost reduce(skill consumes less energy resource)
Example: «Hydra» skill cost reduces by 20%

Chance of applying increase

Chance of applying increase(for passive skills)
Example: chance of applying for passive skill «Pyromancer» increases by 5%

Area increase

Area increase
Example: increases the radius of Fireball skill damage area by 1 m.

Action period increase

Action period increase(for passive skills)
Example: Increases the duration of debuff applied by Fire circle skill by 2 sec.

The amount of reinforcement points is not enough to upgrade all the skills available to your class, so use them carefully. Choose what skills will be more useful for your gaming style and selected role and upgrade them at the first place. If you don’t like the result or if you want to change your in-game role you can always use skill reset scrolls.

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