Another significant moment for leveling your character.

Incrustation — is inserting magical stones to the special slots on your weapons, armor and jewelry. There are 3 types of stones:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple

Number of the slots in the item is generated randomly, so you can have for example two weapons of the same type with different number of slots.

Some of the slots may need the specified level of the item to be filled.

To insert the stones go to the special NPC in any big city and talk to him.

Then you’ll see the window with lots of slots.

1. Item slot
2. Reinforcement crystal — increases the chance of successful incrustation (Not necessary).

Slots in the middle of the window are for magical stones.

Remember that chance of successful incrustation is not 100%! The higher is the level of your equipment — the lower is the chance to success. And in the incrustation fails you lose all the inserted stones.

Each type of the stones has 3 types of stats on it. After incrustation your equipment will get one random stat of the available for this type of stones.

To get the specified stat you’ll need to use selector of the concrete color and type.

Using this selector guarantees us getting the «Strength +10» stat.

Where do I get stones for incrustation?

You can get the stones by looting mobs.

Can I put stones of the same type into all my equipment?

No. Balance is set up so that the armor mostly have slots for yellow stones, jewelry — for purple ones, and weapons have slots of different colors.

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