As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I’m trained to remain calm in the face of adversity and danger. Steven Seagal

Knowing themselves due to long and tedious trainings, monks present with a fait that then a bare hand meets the sharpen steel; the last one not necessarily wins. In battle, representatives of this class use to rely on their own hands and feet, but they can also use weapons, preferring sharpened spears and halberds. Do not forget that monks are called so for a reason, they are not only soldiers, but also the ministers of faith. Monks’ blessings are little less powerful than those of the priests, but, nevertheless, are able to as to protect the monk from enemy spells so dispel harmful debuffs on the allies..

Unique mechanics

Speed of their strikes is so high that the enemy often can’t even see what knocked him down.

Class strengths

  • Balance between the attacking, defensive and supportive skills
  • Highest magical defense amongst melee classes
  • Many teleporting skills that help to persecute your enemy

Class weaknesses

  • Don’t have any outstanding strong side
  • Weak against physical damage

Unique abilities

Diamond skin — Monk surrounds himself with a shield absorbing part of the physical and magic damage..

Wall — Monk creates ethereal wall in front of him that throws the enemies back.

Spirit refuge — Monk creates an area where all the debuffs are dispelled from the allies.