«A Warrior knows that the ends do not justify the means. Because there are no ends, there are only means...» Paulo Coelho

Paladins are no less earnest in their faith than priests, but unlike the latter they are the living manifestation of the thesis «you can’t do good without using your fists». They choose shield as their symbol as the sign that any could find protection and support in the paladin. The appearance of these invincible armor-clad knights, armed with strong shields and mighty war hammers, on the battlefield is able to inspire allies and reverse the outcome of the battle, and their healing spells can not only restore the health of the allies, but also to cause devastating damage to the enemy.

Choosing the path of the Paladin, be prepared for the fact that you have to fight in the front line, and not to spare yourself, protecting your comrades.

Unique mechanics

Paladins — are great in tanking so most part of their skills is meant for agro generation.

Class strengths

  • High physical defense.
  • Healing abilities.
  • Auras increasing damage dealt and reflecting damage taken by the allies.

Class weaknesses

  • Low damage
  • Most of the skills are intended for melee fight, close contact with the target is required

Unique abilities

Divine chains — Paladin chains the target and pulls it to himself, additionally provoking enemies to attack.

Phoenix — Paladin can rise from ashes.

Conviction — Healing spell that not only heals allies but also deals damage to the enemies. Using it costs you some health points.