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  • Furious Arena is here!


    We invite the most desperate and powerful fighters to take part in the harshest of battles - Furious Arena! The first season starts right now!

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  • Alchemical cauldrons are here!


    There are large alchemical cauldrons in cities and castles. It is time you found out what they are needed for!

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  • PvP-PvE Rules and server merge


    The boundaries of the worlds have become blurred, and from now on both PvP and PvE players will be able to play together just the way the like it! Introducing new PvP rules! 

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  • Discover the true power! The runic circle is already in the game!


    We’re happy to announce several major changes that will affect on both the newbies’ and the veterans’ gameplay.

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  • Upgrading the quality of your equipment


    Now champions of the Sphere can upgrade the quality of their gear!

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  • Server merge: Come and play together!


    We merged our servers today to make the game even more exciting and the sieges and confrontations much more impactful!

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  • Daily tasks are already in the game!


    You mentioned that some items in the game were difficult to obtain without investment. We heard you: now you can easily obtain valuable items from the game store by performing in-game challenges!

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  • Capture the Throne of the Dead God!


    Throne of the Dead God has been forgotten and abandoned even by the exotic cults of Emerald Valley, but Agwar the Thistle and his Order did not shy away from this place of terrible power.

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  • Gameplay time rewards updated!


    We’ve wanted to change the gameplay reward system for a while now and are finally ready to reveal the new gift sets!

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  • Rage of the Devastator: advice from the developers


    The update brought many changes to all aspects of the game, so this diary will suggest a few ways to play and help you gain insight into the new mechanics.

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