«It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done». Terry Pratchett

Depths of magic are only available for those who have a strong spirit and unbreakable will. Spells are sorcerer’s weapon and armor, that’s why representatives of this class will prefer to any armor simple fabric robe decorated with embroidery and gems increasing the spell power.

Unique mechanics

Hit the enemy with a fireball, lightning or surround themselves with magic shield — skilled sorcerer has many tricks in his arsenal.

Class strengths

  • Strongest magic attack
  • Destructive spells dealing great amounts of damage
  • A lot of controlling skills

Class weaknesses

  • Low resistance to the physical attacks
  • Lowest amount of health

Unique abilities

Teleport — Sorcerer is able to travel through space and time instantly teleporting on short distances.

Pyromancer — Attacks with fire magic have the chance to ignite the enemy, dealing periodic damage. By choosing the way of fire magic the sorcerer can learn how to burn their enemies to ashes.

Dream — Mages can immerse their target into magical sleep. Have in mind that mobs are more sensitive to the spell than players.