«Time is a healer but priest does better.» Folk wisdom

Ages ago priests decided to leave temples and monasteries to serve their nation and now they’re always ready to support their allies on the battlefield and out of it. But don’t underestimate representatives of this class; they are tot that helpless even without the assistance of other heavily-armored classes.

Unique mechanics

Do not forget that Darkness is just a reverse of light and a fervent prayer can be a weapon.

Class strengths

  • Skilled in supportive magic, can heal and resurrect enemies
  • Has many controlling abilities

Class weaknesses

  • Low attack rate
  • Low health and defense rate
  • Low mobility

Unique abilities

Bonds of darkness — Priest shackles enemies with the chains of the dark energy that deal periodical damage and visibly slow the enemy.

Body’s entreaty  — Priest can resurrect fallen allies.

Inspiration — Priest’s blessing increases stats of the all members of their party.