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  • Victory Day! Complete missions and get rewards!


    It is time for all denizens of the world of the Sphere to honor the warriors that lost their lives in the great battle between the four races!

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  • Antiquity history


    It's time to dive into ancient times and go in search of forgotten artifacts!

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  • Plague Days!


    The Sphere is plagued by an unknown disease. During the event you will be able to visit the healers guild in you capital and help them combat the new sickness.

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  • Golden fever


    It's time to hit the road for real riches! Collect golden ore and get rewards!

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  • Exaltation


    It’s time to dust-off the ancient scrolls and fight the otherworldy monsters once more!

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  • The new battle season has started!


    Come one, come all! The bravest, wisest and noblest champions of the Sphere are invited to participate in the new battle season!

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  • Crystal Rush!


    Loot tarnished shards from any mob, whose level is not higher or lower by 5 than yours, during the event and combine them to get reward.

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  • Tamers!


    The master tamers invite everyone to learn the art of animal taming and get a loyal beast.

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  • Valentine's Day!


    A holiday dedicated to Valentine's Day begins in the world of the Sphere!

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  • The Great Hunt!


    A great monster hunt begins in the world of the Sphere! The Hunters Guild invites the most brave heroes to test their strength and get unprecedented artifacts and powerful elixirs!

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