«The fear of death follows from the fear of life.» Mark Twain

Sorcerers work with elements, Priests serve the light, but those who’re charmed by the fascinating shades and play of the Great Darkness — are entering the path of necromancy. Necromancers can raise the dead and make them their servants, and there are plenty of curses and debuffs in their arsenal that can give a thrill to the enemies.

Unique mechanics

Necrotic energy: unique resource of the necromancer, If representative of this class feels the lack of this energy he can refill it at the cost of his own health points.

Class strengths

  • Skills dealing huge periodical damage
  • Can summon dead at his service
  • Highest amount of HP among all the magical classes

Class weaknesses

  • All the spells require necrotic energy and some health. The amount of health spent depends of the amount of necrotic energy, the more energy has the necromancer the less health he loses
  • Low mobility

Unique abilities

Dark armor — Necromancer surrounds himself with a dark energy armor that allows him to heal himself for a part of taken damage.

Pestilence — Extends debuffs from the chosen target to the surrounding enemies in 10m radius.

Destructive aura — An aura of death surrounds the Necromancer, allowing him to absorb vitality of his victims.

Plague mark  — Necromancer places a plague mark on the target, that deals damage and increases the cost of all target’s skills.