Free PvE content

They say there are two types of players: those who love PvP and those who love PvE.

In the world of Sphere there is place for both of them. An in this article we’ll tell you what players can do in their spare time.


There are a lot of dungeons in the game. You can reach them by foot or by registering in the dungeon finder system. To place yourself in the queue, open the registration menu (U button by default), choose the needed dungeon and press «Register» button.

After that you’ll see a new window where you’ll be offered to pick your role in the dungeon party. After that you’ll be registered in the dungeon and can do something else waiting for the system to find a party for you. If you change your mind you can always unregister.

Role window

When you’re in the dungeon you can fight powerful monsters and get very valuable reward. You also can go through any dungeon on your own but to do this you have to go to the entrance by foot.

The players died in the dungeons respawn at the nearest resurrection point. After you died you can continue going through the dungeon or start it from the very beginning.

Challenge Arena

his is a separate dungeon where you can test all your skills in defeating the waves of different monsters. You have a certain period during which you have to deal with all the monsters and if you die or don’t do it in time, the challenge will be failed. To get to the challenge arena, click on the shield icon with sword crossed in the lower right column If you get tired or understand that you couldn’t defeat the next wave you can always press the button «Take reward and leave». The reward you’ll get depends of the number of defeated waves.