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  • Golden autumn - golden discounts!


    Autumn coolness invariably motivates you to stay at home in warmth and comfort. To make this time pass with maximum benefit, special autumn products appeared in the game store.

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  • Feel the magic of low prices!


    Treat yourself to discounts and restore balance while the Sun crosses the equator.

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  • Golden Leaf Fall Jackpot


    Jackpots are coming back to the Sphere! Taking part in the jackpot, you definitely get two items with a huge discount and can win GXP!

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  • Knowledge Day!


    The GameXP team wishes you only interesting and bright pages of school and student life in the coming academic year.

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  • Not prices, but raspberries!


    Raspberry Jam Day is being celebrated soon. Join the celebration!

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  • Silver gift - results


    The "Win a Silver Gift" campaign has come to an end! It's time to take stock and name the winners, who will soon receive their well-deserved award!

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  • Jackpot of heat and light — results


    The jackpot of warmth and light is over, and it's time to congratulate the winners! Hurry up to find out the names of the lucky ones!

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  • Touch the beautiful!


    On this wonderful spring day, we congratulate all the lovely ladies of the GameXP community on Women's Day! We wish you a lot of goodness, health and endless mana!

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  • Catch your mount!


    We invite you to the magical pasture of Sphere 3! Here the best mounts choose their own owners.

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  • Pet Cursed Blade on sale!


    Great news for those who didn't manage to get the Cursed Blade pet during the 5th combat season: now you can get it out of the new box.

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