About the game

Sphere 3 is a new multiplayer online game in the style of classic fantasy, which has become a direct successor to the cult Sphere. Developing the traditions laid down by its legendary predecessor, Sphere 3 offers fans of online games an interesting plot, large-scale and incendiary battles in the "player against player" (PvP) format, as well as a combination of a variety of possibilities and the highest degree of freedom in their implementation, well-known to fans of the first part. Sphere 3 is, first of all, a PvP-oriented game: the main highlight of this free MMORPG is the epic sieges of castles with an unlimited number of fighters on both sides of the fortress walls, the active use of a variety of tactics and siege weapons. At the same time, the developers paid the closest attention to the plot, inviting the famous author of books in the genre of "fantasy" and "science fiction" A. Zorich to write the script of the game. As a result, players get most of the experience in developing their character by completing a variety of exciting quests. In addition, fans of PvE-passage will find in the new "Sphere" a number of interesting attractions, such as world bosses and dungeons. After 12 years, the legend returns: welcome to the new round of the "Sphere" — now you are also part of this story!

  • A world worthy of books

    An exciting story-driven adventure with more than 1000 quests skillfully woven into the fabric of an overarching plot that eventually reveals the secret of Sphere's origin and explains the impossibility of peaceful coexistence.

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