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  • Rage of the Devastator is here!


    The world is changing fast, and so does Sphere! The update “Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator” is finally out!

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  • Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator is coming!


    Today is a great day! We’re happy to announce the arrival of a new global update — Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator. Forget everything you knew — it’s time to see Sphere 3 in a new light!

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  • Welcome to our new server, “Immertel”!


    Both new recruits and experienced veterans can start their journey to the world of Sphere from the very beginning, defeating monsters, creating clans and competing for the top place in the rankings!

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  • Clan skills are finally here!


    As your clan develops, its members get access to extra features such as clan skills. It’s time to level up your clan and achieve new victories!

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  • Altar of the Forgotten Ones


    A sinister Altar of the Forgotten Ones has appeared in the Forgotten Lands. Capture the Altar, and it will grant special bonuses to humans or demons..

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  • Clan system improvement


    The new clan features are finally here! Sphere 3 players may now level up their clan and enjoy special bonuses.

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  • Sphere 3 celebrates its second birthday!


    On August, 18 our favorite game celebrates its birthday – it’s been 2 years since the Enchanted World opened its doors to intrepid adventurers. Join us during the celebration!

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  • New dungeon — Temple of the Abyss


    The world of Sphere keeps getting bigger as explorers make new and exciting discoveries. Today another dungeon opens its doors to players of level 46 and above — Temple of the Abyss.

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  • New add-on: The Forgotten Lands


    The world of Sphere grows ever larger as explorers discover new previously inaccessible territories. A new region was found beyond war-torn Bristlefields, a vast expanse called the Forsaken Lands.

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  • Global Update: Craft System and More!


    Sphere 3 is getting more and more interesting! The new opportunities appear and some known thing get new attributes.Please find below the patch notes for Global Update.

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