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Autumn Drinks Festival!

It's time to diversify the gray autumn weekdays - after all, Oktoberfest is coming! Take part in the beverage festival in Sphere 3 and get unforgettable impressions and valuable prizes, including unique boots and a new title!

In the main cities and towns you can find special tents with drinks, in which special holiday quests are waiting for you. Those players who have been with us for more than a year will surely remember the charming Frau with their divine drinks.
Refer to the character "Assistant Manager of the holiday" to take the first task.

The first barrel!

We need to jump up the barrels. The holiday always began with the uncorking of the barrel! And we all know that the most delicious drink is in the one that is at the very top of everything that was brought! Who is the daredevil who will lower her from this pile? Surely it won't be easy!
All varieties

To get into the spirit of the event, you should definitely try all the varieties of ale that are brewed nearby. First you need to collect all the varieties and bring them to the Master of the holiday!
Visit all the tents on the territory of the faction and talk to their owners, who will give you a mug of ale. After going around all the tents on the territory of the faction, hand over the received mugs to the Manager of the holiday to receive pleasant gifts.
Unholy visitors

There is always one problem at a holiday — everyone likes to get together in a good company to have a cup or two. But not everyone likes to return the mugs, but they are increasingly pocketing them! Apparently, we will have to return them by force!
Kill monsters and take away their empty mugs, and the reward will not keep you waiting.
New varieties

The manager of the holiday asks to supply the tents with new special varieties of ale, but first you will have to figure out how to do it. The girls at the tents will be happy to give you hints. The quest begins with the Manager of the holiday.
After completing the quest chain, they will be available daily. Complete them every day to receive festival coins, which, in turn, can be exchanged for wonderful prizes:
  • Tailwind boots (3 multicolored and 3 colorless slots) - increase movement speed by 6%
  • Wind Gust Boots (3 multicolored and 3 colorless slots) - when taking damage with a 5% chance, they increase the character's movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds. Recharge 20s
  • The title of "Ale Connoisseur" - increases stamina and spirit by 2.5%

Have a good time at Oktoberfest, collect all the gifts and be in a good mood!
We wish you a pleasant game!
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