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The hour of the killer is past

The path of evil bestows strength and greatness. Give in to the darkness that lies within you. The blood of the executed has already soaked into the lands of Erikuria. Today, the Legion of Doom finished harvesting and retired to their halls to recuperate and welcome the new legionary. Who is he?
The winner of the Hour of the Killer is:
  • barbarian ShadyLady (clan Reunion)

He is rewarded with:
  • 3 days of premium account
  • 2 Rare duelist potions
  • Scroll of Great Cleansing
  • 5 scrolls of resurrection
  • 5 rank 2 fortification crystals
  • Powerful magic pen
  • unique in-game title "Death Legionnaire"

Join the mysterious brotherhood of killers too, or one day they will come for your soul!
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