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Hour of the Killer

A black shadow silently appeared on the road leading into the city. Inaudibly she slipped through the half-open gates and disappeared among the houses. This is a Legion of Doom assassin coming to take someone's life.
For centuries, the deadly Assassins of the Legion have been reaping the harvest, bringing death and collecting their bloody tribute.
January 22 from 21:00 to 22:00 according to Moscow time, the world of the Sphere will be filled with blood and the sinister laughter of Death itself, because on all servers there will be Hour of the Killer!
Kill the most players during this time, and become an honorary member of the Legion. The updated reward will not keep you waiting:
  • 3 Days Premium Account [Combined] / 2 Rare Strong Protection Potions [Helios]
  • 2 Rare duelist potions
  • Scroll of Great Cleansing
  • 5 scrolls of resurrection
  • 5 rank 2 fortification crystals
  • Powerful magic pen
  • unique in-game title "Death Legionnaire"
All this will be yours!
Only unique kills of players level 15 and above will count. Kills on battlefields, sieges, arenas, etc. are also considered. Multiple kills of the same character do not count towards the statistics. The results will be published within three working days after the end of the event.
Join the mysterious brotherhood of assassins, or one day they will come for your soul!
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