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Technical work 12.01.2022 completed

The following changes were made to the game during the maintenance today:
  • The "Gladiator Fights" event has started.
  • Completed the "History of Antiquity" event.
  • The event "Feast of the Snowy Twisting" has ended.
  • Regeneration Potion and Rare Regeneration Potion have received information about their replacement category. Both potions now give a 100% regeneration bonus instead of 50% and 75%.
  • Renamed replacement potions for restoration potions, regeneration potions for GXP received information about their category
  • Fixed the waste of the regenerating potion in the state of death of the character.
  • Fixed the work of the "elixir of dragonfire" and "elixir of the phoenix wing" potions.
  • Fixed a furious barbarian jump in the PvP arena.

We wish you a pleasant game!
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