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Shattered blade

We invite you to take part in a new event - the Shattered Blade!

While the event lasts, monsters of at least 5 levels from yours can drop wreckage , by combining which, you can get various useful things to improve equipment and increase the chance of finding an item, as well as a cumulative gain that will be in effect throughout the event and a week after it.
When combining two restored blades, you can get a new title - "Blademaster" (Increases damage, attack and spell speed by 1%.), as well as amplification "Sharp blade" (Increases damage abilities, attack speed and spells by 5%. Can be stacked up to 6 times, up to a bonus of 10%.), Which will be valid for the entire event and a week after.
While active premium account , the chance of dropping debris is doubled.
Killing a representative of the opposite faction allows you to pick up half of the debris that he had with him, and once a day your faction will receive a boost for the number of combined items of this event.
Good luck with your adventure!
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