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Tame the battle cleaver!

Do you remember the legend of the heroic wise Cleavers? You have a chance to tame one of them! If you succeed, it will increase your movement speed by 150%, and maximum health by 15%, and others will remember you as the one who managed to ride the Cleaver himself.
Потрясающий сундук, наполненный самыми редкими и ценными товарами, которые только можно пожелать!
Дает возможность получить нового крутого маунта - боевого секача!

By opening this you will get one of the following items:
Призыв боевого секача (1 pcs.)
Great Flask of Search (1 pcs.)
Artisan potion (7 days) (1 pcs.)
Premium account (14 days) (1 pcs.)
Experience potion (24 hours) (2 pcs.)
Rare light step potion (3 pcs.)
Gatherer's potion (24 hours) (4 pcs.)
Black crystal (5 pcs.)
Weapon protection crystal (10 pcs.)
Sphere of wisdom (10 pcs.)
Great potion of magic energy (15 pcs.)
Armor protection crystal (15 pcs.)
Loud-speaker (15 pcs.)
Bag of excellent pet food (15 pcs.)
Crystal of Frozen Energy (15 pcs.)
Healing potion (20 pcs.)
until 12.12.2023
Price: 9,99 GXP

It won't be easy, but you can do it!
Good luck!
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