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Obelisks of Power - a new PvP activity in the game!

Heroes of the Sphere!
Meet the new PvP activity in the game — Obelisks of power. Obelisks are placed all over the world — you can easily find them by marks on the map. The level of the obelisk roughly corresponds to the level of the location in which it is located. Each obelisk is captured three times a day according to the schedule.
How is the capture going?
The goal of each participant is to damage the obelisk faster than rivals. Your damage to the obelisk is indicated in green on the strip, and the damage of rivals is indicated in red. In the same place, under the obelisk's health bar, you can see the name of the current leader. To fill your damage, you first need to shoot down someone else's. The longer it takes to fill the damage, the stronger this damage becomes.
And what does PvP have to do with it, you ask. The area around the obelisks is a special PvP zone where all characters are hostile to each other, even if they are clansmen or are in the same group. Accordingly, you can eliminate an opponent who is taking damage on your obelisk in the good old way — by defeating him in PvP.
The winner, who has done damage faster than others, receives a special box — the treasure of the obelisk. By opening it, you can get recipes and components of runes, stones and equipment.
If the level difference between the player and the obelisk is 10 or more levels, then this player will not be able to attack the obelisk (for example, a level 30 player will not be able to attack a level 20 obelisk, but a level 29 player will already be able to).
Let the fight begin!
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