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The time of the plague!

An unknown plague has struck the world of the Sphere! During this event, you will have to meet with the healers guild in the capital of your faction to help stop a new disease.
By completing the tasks of the guild representatives, you will be able to get coins of the Healers guild and exchange them for unique items of equipment, pet, masks, titles and other valuable items.
Additional coins can be found when killing monsters. To get even more coins, use special potions from the game store:

During the event you will be able to receive the following prizes:
  • Pet "Plague Golem"
  • The title “Healer“ and ”Plague Doctor" - increase the healing received and the strength of shields by 5%
  • The mask of the plague doctor is eternal.
  • Healing decoction is a hiking potion capable of self-recovery. Heals 50% of health with a recharge in 60 minutes.
  • Unique belts of rare quality, with six inlay slots and an additional property to choose from:
    • The Plague Doctor's belt (When receiving damage with a 5% chance, it sets the enemy on fire, taking away 1% of the maximum health once per second for 15 seconds. Recharge 120c. Only works against player characters).
    • Undertaker's Belt (When taking damage with a 5% chance, reduces the healing received by the enemy by 25% for 12 seconds. Recharge 120c.)
  • Shoulder decoration “Plague banner".

We wish you good luck!
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