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It's time to shake off the dust from the ancient scrolls of summoning and fight the otherworldly monsters again!
While the event lasts, you will be able to find the entrance to the Mirage in the Syndercreg if you are fighting on the side of the kingdom of men, or in the tavern of the Hell Song if you represent the army of demons, and meet with the adepts of the Order of the Seventh Moon.
By completing their daily tasks, you will be able to get summoner coins and with their help gain incredibly powerful relics that grant the removal of control effects and a useful effect in battle, new pets, summoning scrolls, potions that make your character invisible, a new title and shoulder decoration "Snake Scales", as well as a cloud raccoon for 60 days and a box of elevation tokens and rare ingredients!
Also, coins sometimes drop out as loot for killing monsters. In addition, you can purchase the missing coins in the game store.
Good luck in the Summoner Arena!
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