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The fifteenth combat season is declared open!

All-all-all! The bravest, wisest and noblest warriors of the Sphere are invited to participate in the new combat season!

What is combat season?
In fact, this is a set of tasks, for participation in which progress points are given. As you accumulate progress points, you will receive sets of useful, and sometimes even unique rewards!
I'm in! How to participate?
When you first log into the game after the start of the combat season, each of your characters will see an invitation window.
Click the "Start Season” button to join. After that, you can open the season window by clicking on the icon next to the mini-map.

What should I do?
Open the season window. In it you will see a list of tasks. Tasks are divided into those that you can complete once per season, and daily. One-time tasks are chains (complete the current task to proceed to the next one). However, each group of tasks is available at the same time — as you complete simple tasks, new, more complex ones will open up to you.
I want more rewards and tasks!
Easy! In order to have access to more tasks and receive more rewards for progress points, you can purchase an advanced pass. Besides these advantages, the pass will also allow you to gain combat experience (progress points) faster. The extended pass is purchased once for the entire season and is valid for your entire account. You can become the owner of an extended pass and collect the rewards you are entitled to at any time of the season.
«Battle Season» is a set of challenges that award progress points for completion. Accumulating these progress points brings various rewards.
«Battle Pass» unlocks a number of additional challnges and rewards throughtout the season. The more active you are, the more progress points you'll get. The benefits are obvious: acquiring a battle pass significantly speeds up your progress in the current season and grants a great deal of additional rewards.
Needless to say, battle pass gives you a chance to receive unique pets, mounts and accessories developed exclusively for that season.
Purchasing «Battle pass» immediately unlocks all paid rewards you have accumulated enough "levels" (progress points) to get.
The rewards you have not yet received can be claimed until the next battle season begins even afterthe current one ends. (Note that all challenges become locked and all progress towards new rewards is halted).
Attention! You have to activate the pass after purchase.
The pass is activated once per account.
The pass remains valid until the end of the current season.

Price: 29,99 GXP

Can I get the rewards right now?
If the romance of completing tasks every day bores you, then of course! To speed up the Battle Season and instantly gain access to rewards, you can purchase levels (a fixed number of progress points).
Adds 1 battle pass progress level when used.
Purchasing the required number of levels immediately unlocks all corresponding rewards in the the battle season. Save time, effort or both. Buying additional levels is a valid way to make progress.
Most importantly, you can purchase progress levels regardless of whether you own «Battle Pass».
Purchased levels also need to be activated and will remain valid until the end of the season.

Price: 8,99 GXP

Tell us more about the prizes!
  • The title "Mystic" - increases the strength of abilities by 1.8%, the attack speed and the use of abilities by 2.5%.
  • Infusion of Wind Fury - increases the speed of attack, spells and movement by 5% per day
  • Mount "Mystical Wingspin" — gives 150% speed and increases health by 20%. Life time: 60d
  • Lutosborschik "Black lemur" - moves 60% faster than usual, exists for 60 days.
  • Pet "Magic candle" (its properties are available at the link).

In addition to all this, you will be able to get food, crystals of preservation and strengthening, coins of baronies, hammer of the master of processing, essences, gladiator coins, spices, magic feathers and much, much more. A full set of rewards is available for those who purchase an extended pass.
How long does the season last? What if I pass it earlier?
The combat season lasts two months and contains 60 levels of progress, but for the fastest shooters in the Wild West, we have 40 more levels in store! After completing the main line, you will be able to receive a box of supplies every 5 levels, and if you have an extended pass, you will also receive a mystic chest every 4 levels. From them you will be able to get various useful consumables — elevation tokens, crystals, feathers, barony coins, food, a pass to the bottomless dungeon and much more.
Get maximum gifts!
We wish you good luck in the new season!
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