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Crystallomania is coming to the world of the Sphere! Travelers from all over the continent keep saying the same thing: The sphere is filled with mysterious magic crystals that hold a variety of secrets and powers. The loyal soldiers of Vagrot and King Sigurd are already preparing to get as many valuable crystals as possible, but this time not only war awaits everyone, but also a real competition.
During Crystallomania, the factions of humans and demons will start chasing the power of crystals. By killing monsters of your level, you have a chance to get a tarnished shard , from a group of which you can create stronger crystals. Each time you collect crystals, you will receive pleasant bonuses, and when you collect a completed crystal, not only valuable rewards, but also a long—term increase in health and damage, which will grow with each completed crystal you collect.
To get crystals, your level should not differ from the level of the monster by 2, and to get crystals from another player - 5 levels.
At the end of each day, the faction that has collected more crystals will receive a nice bonus that will last until the next count.
However, it must be remembered that any representative of the opposite faction can defeat you and take away some of the tarnished fragments before you turn them into something more useful.
Also, while the premium account is active, the chance of tarnished fragments is increased.
By creating new crystals, you can get:
  • items to improve,
  • Teleportation stones,
  • pet food,
  • useful potions,
  • cubes of illusions,
  • The resurrection scrolls.

And most importantly. For collecting a completed crystal, you will also receive a buff, which increases the character's health and damage by 7% for two weeks. Each subsequent completed crystal increases the damage and health bonus by 2.1%, but does not update the duration of the buff. The buff cannot be more than 17.5%. The buff is not lost after the death of the character and will remain with you until the end of the event and 1 week after it.
You will need cunning, attentiveness and remarkable perseverance to get as many prizes as possible and defeat your opponents. Well, enough chatter, Crystallomania begins!
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