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Spring is the time when the warriors of the Sphere remember that they are able not only to crush enemies into cabbage, but also to fight them on the spot with the power of their charm. And for noble knights, this is the best time to show gallantry and, perhaps, win a couple of hearts. Take part in the spring adventure and get the favor of beauties and other very useful items as a reward!
Although women of the Sphere are able to fight on a par with men, not inferior to them in anything, they will never miss an opportunity to acquire jewelry. You have to help the treasure seekers by extracting rare pearls from dark dungeons.
To join the adventure, people need to find the beautiful Catherine in Greenwald or the Raven Legion Camp, and demons need to find the equally charming Anna.
Characters of level 20 and older will be able to try their luck in dungeons. The seeker wants to get a rare magic pearl for jewelry and asks to look for it in caves among the treasures of the most powerful monsters. Depending on the dungeon level, you can get one of the jewelry boxes or caskets as a reward. The good news is that you can find 38-slot bags and 40-slot safes in them!
And now the most important thing: you can search for treasures and get rewards every day!
We wish you a pleasant game!
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