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Pet Cursed Blade on sale!

Great news for those who didn't manage to get theCursed Blade petduring the 5th combat season: now you can get it out of the new box. The cursed blade is distinguished by dexterity and wisdom, positively affects your ability to scream and is ready to save your life when it is in danger! Hurry up, the number of pets is limited!
A rare box, with a good chance of getting a new pet, a Cursed Blade or other useful items.
Hurry up, buy!

By opening this you will get one of the following items:
The cursed blade (1 pcs.)
Powerful Auto-healing Potion (1 pcs.)
A strong elixir of the Depths (1 pcs.)
Premium account for 7 days (1 pcs.)
Powerful Search Potion (4 Hours) (1 pcs.)
Ancient sphere of wisdom (1 pcs.)
Experience potion (1 hour) (1 pcs.)
Disassembly hammer +500 (1 pcs.)
Reinforcement crystal 2nd rank (2 pcs.)
Weapon protection crystal (2 pcs.)
Great healing potion (2 pcs.)
Runic reinforcement crystal (3 pcs.)
Great potion of magic energy (3 pcs.)
Armor protection crystal (3 pcs.)
Loud-speaker (3 pcs.)
Bag of excellent pet food (3 pcs.)
Red selector of intelligence and wisdom (3 pcs.)
Purple selector of Spirit and Wisdom (3 pcs.)
Runic protection crystal (4 pcs.)
Teleportation stone (7 pcs.)
The Stone of Travel (9 pcs.)
until 28.02.2023
Price: 1,99 GXP

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