World history

Story of war

It was only at the cost of tremendous sacrifice and due to the intevention fo the gods that the united forces of humans, dwarves and elves managed to stop the fiery tide. Father of the Brave Ones, Keeper of Caves and Great Mother endowed warriors of light with their power, and the demons fled. It happened a long time ago: these days the unity between races is lost, and so is belief in the heaven's mercy. And yet the danger has not passed — the final battle is yet to come...

Story of betrayal

Pride, arrogance and dejected pessimism ... The vices of the elves became fertile soil and the false promises of demons gave rise to poisonous fruit. On the eve of the main battle, the elves stood under the wicked banners of Vargot of the Thousand Faces and condemned the memory of their former comrades-in-arms to the fire of the underworld.

Story of hope

The Sphere's world is split. All its mountains, all its plains, all its caves and deserts will soon turn into one big sacrificial altar. Demonic hordes are going to sprinkle it with the blood of enemies and awaken their cruel gods that lie dormant in the depths of the Sphere. But hope lives on as long as there is at least one brave soul ready to fight agasint the insurmountable odds...

Story of your choice

Some roads lead to salvation, some roads lead to eternal damnation. Every inhabitant of the Sphere has the right to choose, and whatever your path may be, know that may trials and challenges await you.