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Knowledge Time!

Day of Knowledge is coming, and is there better time to make pleasant discoveries in the world of Sphere? Do you really think you know every corner of Tir Twayd and Ericuria so nothing can surprise you? The famous Sphere library has returned, and it is stuffed to the brim with gifts in addition to knowledge!
Talk to Knowledge Keeper’s Assistant in any of the faction’s major settlements. He will offer you a quest chain with valuable rewards.

Lost in the Library
You hero is about to lose their way in the labyrinth! Find hidden items and return unscathed to complete this challenge.

Lively student

The second quest will titillate the relentless explorers. Do you remember huge libraries where you can’t grab the book without a stepladder? We haven’t got any stepladders, so make sure to brush up on your platforming skills! It is an excellent opportunity to remember the beanstalk from your character’s youth.

Catcher of the essence
It’s time to move on to the next quest. You’re going to need a good deal of patience, because at that point you will be tasked with hunting lvl 10-25 monsters all over the Sphere. Some of them will drop quest items. Collect 100 such items to receive your well-deserved reward!

Encyclopedia of monsters

The final quest in the chain invites you to remember your early days at the Sphere, refreshing old memories and exploring the world. You’ll need to find and destroy 5 different monsters not marked on the world map! Try to remember where you fought them or you’ll have plenty of running around to do!
Completing the quest chain will award wealth and experience potions as well as pieces of unique headgear of your choice.
We wish you good luck, and may swiftness and skill be with you!
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