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The terrifying golden dragon Lord of Heaven threatens the whole world! Are you ready to challenge his power?
While the event lasts, you can find a strange sorcerer who will help you stop the great dragon. The Warlock awaits you at Cinderkreg and Mist Watch if you are fighting on the side of the human kingdom, or near the Raven Legion camp and Hellsong Tavern if you are a demonic host. By completing daily tasks, you can get dragon scales and spend it on buying special elixirs or unique gloves with new unusual properties.
You can spend scales from a sorcerer's servant located in the same places, and additional scales can be obtained by killing monsters.
Here's what you can get:
  • Hunt and fight the mighty dragon face to face!
  • New gloves with three colored and three colorless slots, returning 15% damage to the attacker with a 5% chance (no cooldown)
  • Title of your choice: "Dragon Slayer" (+ 2.5% PvE damage, + 0.6% crit chance), "Knight" (+ 2.5% PvP damage, + 0.6% crit chance)
  • New booster potions and bombs
  • Scroll to summon a golden dragon to fight

Get your weapon ready!
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