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Golden fever

It's time to hit the road for real riches! Monsters of at least 5 levels from yours can drop gold ore, which can be combined to get various useful items, such as gems, wealth potions and a cumulative boost that will be in effect for the entire duration of the event and for a week after it.
When combining treasure chests, you can get the "Treasure Hunt" enhancement, which increases the amount of health, gold picked up and the chance of items dropping by 5%. (Re-combining will increase the bonus up to 10%).
When combining chests with riches, you can get the title "Rich Man", which increases the gold picked up by 3.5%.
Killing a representative of the opposite faction allows you to take half the gold ore that he had with him, and once a day your faction will receive a boost for the number of combined items of this event.
Good luck with your adventures!
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