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Victory Day! Complete missions and get rewards!

It is time for all denizens of the world of the Sphere to honor the warriors that lost their lives in the great battle between the four races!
Feeling the great tide of evil and hatred that marked that fateful day, monsters rise to defy the courageous challengers! Some of them still hold on to the sacred relics of the fallen. It would be a great feat indeed to recover these items despite the danger and use them to honor your ancestors that died to protect their brethren!
There are new characters in both factions’ capitals that have quests for you! If you are playing as a human, you’ll need to approach general Ladarus Redblade in Olannor to receive your first task.
If you are treading the path of demons, Commander-in-chief Iom Scarlet, toe of Vargoth is waiting for you in Brionfall.
Completing the first mission will unlock additional quests from other characters that can be taken every day even if you have already completed them!
Successfully completing these challenges will yield special mounts and helmets as well as potions, gold, experience and exotic magic boxes specially made for the occasion!
We wish you good luck in your adventures!
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