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Antiquity history

It's time to dive into ancient times and go in search of forgotten artifacts!
While the event lasts, you can find the characters of the event in Cinderkreg if you are fighting on the side of the human kingdom, or in the Hellsong Tavern if you represent the army of demons. By completing daily tasks, you can get ancient coins and purchase special items with them.
Potions that temporarily enhance the character:
  • Elixir of Dragonfire - when used, it removes 2% health from all enemies within a 8m radius per second for 12s. Only works against players
  • Elixir of Phoenix Wing - when used, blinds everyone within a 12m radius for 8s.
  • Elixir of Cursed Blood - when used, restores 80% of health and takes 5% of health per second for 10s
  • Elixir of Black Anger - when used, it increases the speed of using abilities and running speed by 35% for 10s, but takes 3% of health per second.
  • Elixir of Stone Fortress - when used, it increases physical and magical defense by 50%, but reduces movement speed by 25% for 10s.

Unique ancient rings with unusual properties.
  • The Eternal Ring has 3 different stone slots, plus three more colorless slots. The ring can have one of three effects to choose from:
  • Taking damage has a 5% chance to increase your character's movement speed by 25% for 8 seconds.
  • When you receive damage with a 5% chance, your character's physical and magical defense will increase by 15% for 10 seconds.
  • Taking damage has a 5% chance to increase your character's stamina by 20% for 12 seconds.

New titles:
  • "Relic Connoisseur"
  • “Master of Archeology”.

You can buy all these outlandish gizmos from the event merchant located in the same cities, and additional coins can be obtained by killing monsters, or purchased from the GXP store.
Premium account doubles the chances of getting coins when killing monsters.
Good luck!
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