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The Great Hunt!

A great monster hunt begins in the world of the Sphere! The Hunters Guild invites the most brave heroes to test their strength and get unprecedented artifacts and powerful elixirs!
While the event lasts, you will be able to find a guild representative in Cinderkreg and Olannor if you are fighting on the side of the human kingdom, or in Hellsong Tavern and Brionnfol if you represent the demonic army. By completing daily tasks, you can get coins of the hunters guild and spend them on buying special elixirs, the title "Hunter" (+ 2.5% damage to monsters and + 2% movement speed) or unique bracelets with new unusual properties. Bracelets are eternal, have three different slots for stones +2 colorless slots and give a chance, depending on the type of bracelet, to slow down your opponent or weaken his attack.
You can spend coins at the guild quartermaster located in the same cities, and additional coins can be obtained by killing monsters.
A premium account increases the chances of getting coins by 50%.
We wish you a successful hunt!
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