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Alchemical cauldrons are here!

You may interact with cauldrons to perform special alchemical reactions by using runic and crafting resources as well as secondary reagents. The result of the reaction is completely unpredictable — you may receive a random item from the list or fail, losing the resources entirely.
You can see the possible outcomes in the cauldron interface window by clicking the reaction formula. Different cauldrons may give you:
  • existing potions of all types
  • various decoration
  • essences of quality
  • weapon and armor upgrade scrolls
  • crafting recipes (including rare ones)
  • pet food
  • different kinds of scrolls, including banker summoning, skill reset, nickname change, etc.
  • reinforcement and protection crystals, runic crystals, selectors
  • new unique shoulder decorations
To perform a reaction you are going to need the following:
  1. 5 different components between 1 and 10 of each (depending on formula). It may be crafting resources (primary resources acquired in the open world - pants, trees, ore, minerals), runic pieces or both.
  2. Formula itself (formulas are selected from the list).
  3. “Alchemical spices" (optional) - every reaction needs some. It is a special consumable that increases the chance of creating rare and valuable items and completely prevents failure. These spices can be purchased in the store or purchased using coins of the Free Marches. Eventually there will be more ways to get some.
  4. Gold.
Each player has 15 alchemical attems per day (the owners of a premium account get 45). You may use an "alchemical enhancer” if you need more attempts (this item is sold in the game store or purchased using coins of the Free Marches).
Every cauldron comes with its own set of unique formulas. The most valuable formulas are found in castle cauldrons. The higher the castle level, the more precious the cauldron formulas are. Only the castle owners can take advantage of its cauldron. The cauldron access is also limited by the level of the location or the castle itself (for example, a level 10 character won’t be able to use a level 20 cauldron).
The time for alchemical research is now! Good luck!
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