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PvP-PvE Rules and server merge

What do PvP and PvE server players have in common? They both love Sphere! And what is the main difference between the two? Their willingness to participate in ruthless combat! We spent a long time looking for solutions that would please both battle enthusiasts and those who seek to gather resources in peace! The boundaries of the worlds have become blurred, and from now on both PvP and PvE players will be able to play together just the way the like it! Introducing new PvP rules! 

New rules

We changed the rules and did our best to preserve the most interesting features available on both PvP and PvE servers. 
  • Peaceful zone - players cannot enable PvP mode and cannot be attacked.
  • Faction zone - players can enable PvP mode to attack members of their own faction who also enabled PvP mode. Members of the enemy faction in your territory are always subject to being attacked and cannot disable PvP mode, so their consent is not necessary. You will not be able to receive damage or useful buffs from players in PvP mode unless you also enable it.
  • Neutral zone - this is a territory where all players can toggle PvP mode as they wish. Important: you will remain vulnerable for 3 minutes after you choose to disable PvP mode. Participating in combat with other players will freeze the countdown, not allowing you to leave PvP mode.
  • PvP zone - this is a territory near a castle or an altar. Players can attack any other players regardless of their PvP settings.

New bonuses

From now on staying in PvP mode will always bring 10% extra gold and experience, allow you to deal 10% extra damage and grant you 10% extra item drop chance.
Losing to other players in PvP combat no longer makes you lose accumulated experience.


We replaced negative karma with a system of positive and negative reputation. Your reputation can change anywhere in the world with the exception of PvP zones. Your reputation goes down each time you kill a member of your own faction and and improves every time you kill a member of the enemy faction.
You will receive a buff after reaching certain thresholds of positive and negative reputation. Your reputation decays over time, so not engaging in PvP for may days may lead to your buff diminishing or disappearing completely. 

New quests

We introduced new PvP quests into the game. Begin by arriving to the northern entrance to Cinderkrag if you are fighting for the human kingdom or the base of the hill where Hellsong Tavern stands if you report to the commanders of Vagrot's host.
You will meet an officer who'll give you quests that can only be completed in the enemy territory and a portal stone that will take you to the required location.
According to the new rules, enemy faction territory is considered a PvP zone. PvP mode will be automatically enabled and remain active until you leave the quest zone.
Completing PvP quests will give you extra gold and experience as well honor points that can be spent on buying equipment and various consumables. You may also encounter an enemy faction world boss: defeating it grants both valuable equipment and extra honor.
We plan to increase the number of such quest locations and faction world bosses in the nearest future.


In-game vendors now sell “rewards” and “treasures” - special boxes that contain random pieces of rare and epic equipment. From now on all PvP equipment can have affixes and differs in quality, and some of the epic item slots will be colorles.
We intend to add more interesting items for PvP players and will increase number of items that can be purchased with honor and dishonor points.

Server merge

We merged our servers today. From now on your adventures will be more exciting, and sieges and battles become even more intense! The players of Anhelm and Almaert servers are now playing in the same shared world, which means everybody gets a chance to make new friends and enemies!
Let's move on to the most important question —  which PvP rules will active on the new server? They were different on Anhelm and Almaert, after all. From now on all Sphere 3 servers are subject to the new base PvP-PvE rule set. You can only be attacked if you enable PvP mode. But there's a catch: you get extra bonuses for playing in PvP mode, including a very special buff that will help you in battle. You can read more about the new rule set here. 
Here is what you need to know.
  • In case you had characters on both servers, all items in your account bank on Almaert were moved to the magic chest. If you had characters only on one server, the contents of your bank will remain unchanged on the new server. 
  • All items for sale in the auction house on the moment of the merge were returned to sellers. 
  • After the merge only the characters you had on Anhelm will be available. To bring back the characters you had on Almaert, please delete the unwanted characters from Anhelm and restore the characters from Almaert using a special tool. Character recovery will be available for one month to all players including non-members of GameXP Club.
  • In case of name conflict the original name remains with the character from Anhelm and the name of the character from Almaert gets the additional _003 suffix (if the name is shorter than 12 symbols. If the name is longer, it will be changed completely). Your character can be renamed at any time with the rename scroll we put in the magic chest.
  • In case of clan name conflict the original name remains with the clan from Anhelm and the name of the clain from Almaert gets the additional _003 suffix (if the name is shorter than 12 symbols. If the name is longer, it will be changed completely). If you are not satisfied with the name of your clan after the merge, the clan leader can contact technical support and provide 5 desirable clan name versions. Your clan will be renamed during the next server maintenance.  
  • Only Anhelm clans will retain castle ownership. All castle equipment belonging to Almaert players has been recalled. We don't want you to be upset because of this, so clan leaders who previously controlled castles on Almaert will receive gifts for their clans as compensation. 

If you find a bug or encounter a problem, please report it in the comments or contact technical support.
We wish you new breathtaking victories on the newly merged server!
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