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Discover the true power! The runic circle is already in the game!

We’re happy to announce several major changes that will affect on both the newbies’ and the veterans’ gameplay.
The first major change is the introduction of runes and the runic circle. The runic circle is an additional window that copies 10% of the experience a character receives for its own development. Each tier of the runic circle gives the player one extra rune slot for the maximum of 13 rune slots at the maximum level.
These slots can be used to hold runes that will allow you to customize your character to match your interests even further. Additionally, you can always swap the runes out of combat - for example, you may use a set of runes to complete a dungeon but change it afterwards to prepare for a difficult siege or a heated arena battle.
There are currently three groups of runes with different bonuses and different means of procurement.
The first group of runes specializes on improving your character’s basic stats, such as strength and intellect. The formulas and the motes required to create these runes can be obtained by killing monsters out in the world or be awarded in the challenge (i. e. PvE) arena.

The second group of runes deals with secondary stats like additional health, attack speed or maximum rage. The items required to create them can be awarded for participation in battlefields or PvP arenas or purchased with honor points.
The third group of runes also improves secondary stats like critical hit chance or incoming magic damage reduction and provides short-term buffs like swift health recovery or brief primary stat boosts. The materials for these runes can be obtained from castle chests or purchased for dishonor points.
In the future we plan to introduce more runes and even additional runic types that affect different aspects of your character to allow you set up a unique set of modifiers and fully customize your character in accordance with your strategy..
Let’s talk about activating and slotting runes in more detail. Each rune in the circle has to be unique, which means you won’t be able to keep more than one copy of the rune in the circle even if their levels differ. For example, installing a rune of Strength VI won’t allow you to install more Runes of Strength until it is removed. Fortunately, removing or inserting a rune is easy and can be done anytime you find yourself out of combat.
Considering class restrictions (for example, your Paladin won’t be able to use a rune of Necromancy), your 13 rune slots can be filled with 49 different runes out of total 56 available in the game. Needless to say, the higher your character’s level and the tougher the challenge, the higher the level of motes and formulas offered as a reward will be. Right now the most powerful runic formulas can be obtained at the floating isladnds.
Once you create a rune or purchase it from another player, you’ll have to activate it by pressing the “Activation” button on the runic circle screen to enable its effects.

After that the rune will become bound to your character and ready to be exploited. If you like, you may use it to empower the activation of a higher level rune and save some runic protection crystals that prevent the rune from decaying in case its activation fails..

The rune used for empowerment will only be destroyed if the activation is successful. In any case, we’d like to avoid seeing too many failed activation attempts: every unsuccessful attempt in a row will increase the activation chance for the next attempt.

In the future we’re going to improve the rune system and try to come up with many new interesting combinations to make the customization of your characters as exciting as possible.
Let’s talk about the ways to acquire the very best runes, shall we?
We have prepared a new adventure for the high level characters - the floating islands! The floating islands are a maze of the shattered Sphere fragments that ended up banished from the world during the invasion of the Nameless Ones countless centuries ago. The vile sorcery of the Order of the Deep Roads and its sinister magister is eroding the world’s defenses against the Void, and the forgotten pieces of the Sphere are slowly making their return.

The floating islands are a network of floating patches of land high above Emerald Valley, connected by portals. Some islands are unimportant and fairly safe, the others are controlled by elite monsters or even world bosses that guard valuable treasures.
You may access the first of the returning islands by using a teleportation stone in the central region of Emerald Valley.
The islands contain new resources, formulas and ancient equipment, but claiming them for your own will not be easy. The return of the time-lost islands heralds the return of the Forgotten Ones and their powerful servants. All of them have powerful abilities and surpass the opponents you defeated before, so make sure to prepare for new challenges and recruit a few dedicated friends.
Of course, you are welcome to travel the islands as you see fit. Chart your own course depending on your goals, be it hunting for treasure chests, collecting rare resources, taking a shot at bosses or preying on other players.
All of the currently available islands are bound to a chain that will allow you to get to the new world boss quickly or bypass it to make progress faser. More islands are bound to show up in the nearest future, bringing incredible wealth and even greater challenges.
Onwards to glory and new discoveries!
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